Student Concert on Slayter Hill Provides a Little Bit of “Rock and Roll”

Eric HutchinsonIt’s been a few years since Purdue last had a big name artist performing on the stage of Slayter Hill, but thanks to the efforts of Purdue Student GovernmentPurdue Student Union Board, the Residence Hall Association, Purdue Athletics, and the Student Concert Committee students no longer had to hold their breath.  Eric Hutchinson performed live on Friday evening under a blanket of stars for a Boilermaker covered Slayter Hill.  Levi Riggs served as a special treat as the opening act for Hutchinson.  Riggs has close ties with Purdue, as he is Boiler alum and was even in Purdue Varsity Glee Club!

Hutchinson is a skilled artist in more ways than one.  He has the trifecta of talents on the stage.  He can sing, play piano, AND pick a mean guitar.  It’s one thing to have an artist that can perform, but Hutchinson can actually perform well.  His musical talent and natural charm brought Slayter Hill to life as students sang and danced along to his tunes.  Hutchinson has a style very similar to Jason Mraz or Mat Kearney – it’s upbeat, chill, and just fun!

As a student, I was very excited to be able to attend this event for free.  It was fantastic to see so many people coming together on the hill in a very accessible venue and a beautiful evening.  Let me tell you, I loved not having to worry about parking or bringing a ticket.  I could invite all of my friends and simply walk to the hill!

I don’t know a lot of Hutchinson’s songs, but I knew a few of his major hits enough to sing along and enjoy the show.   I personally loved singing along to Hutchinson’s hits such as, “Rock and Roll,” “OK, It’s Alright with Me,” and “Watching You Watch Him.”  A lot of my friends even said that even though they didn’t know his songs, they really enjoyed the concert as well!  It just shows that Boilermakers just enjoy great music!  It probably didn’t hurt that he covered Sublime’s “Santeria” too.

Eric Hutchinson at Slatyer CenterRegardless of his or her “fan” status, everyone truly enjoyed the concert in his or her own way.  From the dancing PSUB penguin to shaking Hutchinson’s hand and receiving an autograph, the student concert on Slayter Hill brought us together as one Boilermaker family in yet another way.  Events such as the student concert on Slayter Hill make me really appreciate the diversity of the events we have on our campus.  There is something for everyone to enjoy whether it be singing on Slayter, the football game, or Flicks at Fowler.  Make sure you take advantage of each and every one!

Ever grateful.  Ever true.  ONE Purdue.