Tips for Reducing Stress in College

Keep Calm and Boiler UpThe struggle for most in college is time management. It may seem unbearable but where there is a will, there’s a way! I’m in the final stretch of my college career here at Purdue University, which means I know a thing or two about stress and feeling overwhelmed. It also means I have stumbled upon a few useful tips along the way to reduce that stress. Allow me to share a few of these with you.

Take a break

Asleep on a bench at PurdueSometimes that’s all it takes. Just put the pen down, step away from the books, and leave your room. Go someplace on campus, or off if you have a vehicle of your own, and take in the scenery of a calm and revitalizing place. It’s a proven fact that if you simply remove yourself from a stressful situation for a short time you will feel rejuvenated and be able to complete your work with a much more focused state of mind.


Chocolate Chip CookiesYes, I know that this may not be the BEST way to handle your stress. But let me tell you it is not the worst and it sure is delicious. My go to stress-reliever food is * drum roll please* INSOMNIA COOKIES! They never disappoint in a time of need. Plus, they deliver late night. So, basically they were made for situations like these. ☺ But if you are a little too impatient or just don’t want to spend the money. Head over to Harrison Grille in Harrison Hall (hmm, you don’t say?) to get a famous hand-spun milkshake!

Work out

France A Cordova Recreational Sports CenterHere in the next month, Purdue is set to have a brand-new state of the art France A. Cordova Recreational Sports Center (Co-Rec), which will just be begging you to take advantage of all its amenities. Until then, we have the TREC which suffices just fine for stress relieving purposes. Spend a good, quick 15-30 minutes burning the heavy thoughts and effects of a long day off. You won’t miss them, I promise.

Listen to music

PSY - Gangnam StyleSometime you just get caught up in all the hustle and bustle of homework, meeting, extracurricular activities, clubs, and forget to take time out for yourself. Thus, a stressful moment is looming. Plug in that iPod put it on the song that makes you feel the happiest and dance around the room like no one is watching or just play something soothing in the background to take your mind off of the day’s activities. It is often our minds that get overloaded and thus keep us from focusing on the here and now.

Music’s the medicine of the mind. ~John A. Logan

Call a friend of family member

Two friends with Purdue spiritThese are the people who know you best. You don’t need to fear judgment from them if you are freaking out about something that seems so silly. And more often than not, just the sound of a familiar voice is enough to put you in that calming place.
While I’ve found these tips to be rather helpful in ridding me of my stress, also try to use these regularly to try and avoid the stress pile up before it even strikes! And if ever, the stress seems too much to handle even after trying these tips, do not be ashamed to get help. We have many places around campus that offer stress-relief aid such as CAPS, PUSH, or Dean of Students Counseling. From one Boilermaker to another, you can do it.