Homecoming weekend and why I can’t go to bed

State St traffic on Purdue Homecoming weekend 2012

THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is a chunk of today’s traffic on State Rd 26. Yes, State Rd 26, the highway that cuts right through the heart of Purdue AND Indiana. It also happens to be the very road my apartment is on, with all of it’s four windows opening whack into highway bliss. The traffic on this obnoxiously busy highway is often the cause behind my sleepless nights, but TONIGHT I am NOT complaining :)!

It’s homecoming weekend! I see red and black and gold and white everywhere. While walking down State St in the afternoon today, I was squinting because of the setting sun. An entire Wisconsin family ambushed me at the spot, accused me of making “bad faces” at them and told me not to be such a pessimist. Even though the only pessimist thing at the moment was the mighty sun glaring into my eyes, I did give their advice a second thought when I got home. Out of 79 games in the past, Purdue has managed to win ONLY 29. As an engineering student I am tempted to inform that everybody that that adds up to a 36.7% win percentage, which honestly looks quite bleak to me.

My boyfriend, who happens to be a Wisconsin Madison graduate and soon to be Purdue graduate, is bouncing all over the place, claiming that the Badgers are going to rip the Boilermakers into pieces. With the stats in mind, it breaks my heart that his predicted outcome comes with a higher probability than mine, but I still cut out my little P flag and hoped for the best while killing my time with night-time photography. (Fingers Crossed!)

Boiler UP and beat the odds!