Activists: Purdue students say it’s time for an Asian Cultural Center

Tamara Dizon and Victoria Loong
Tamara Dizon and Victoria Loong want an Asian Cultural Center at Purdue like those found at many other peer institutions

From the Journal & Courier

Victoria Loong and fellow student Tamara James Dizon created a steering committee to formulate a plan on how and why Purdue should join other Big Ten schools, such as Indiana University and University of Illinois, in building a center that would cater to the cultural and social need of Asian students.



“It would be a voice. People want to learn (about Asian culture) but they don’t know where to go.”


According to the International Students and Scholars office Fall 2012 report, there are 9,184 Asian or Asian-American students enrolled this year. The total includes 1,951 domestic and 7,233 international students. Purdue ranks second nationally among public institutions for international enrollment.