Carol of the Bells

Purdue Bells

The Purdue Christmas Show has come and gone just like the warm weather that accompanied it. But it left in its wake many local school children and students wondering which chiming bells to believe – the PMO’s or the PUFD??. Quite a number left the event with their Santa-sighting hopes dashed even as the chiming of the fire trucks ebbed away in the distance. Consequently, most will be looking forward to other holiday events to once again rekindle the spirit of the season with all its connotations. For a lot of students, this borders on where they are going to spend their holidays, thus begging the question: “so where are you headed for the holidays?

By now, many students should have decided or better yet, finalized plans for the holidays.Christmas_Village_new1 A general survey will probably indicate many traveling to meet with families and loved ones within the US and beyond. A sizable number of international students will also be traveling to their native countries for sundry reasons ranging from vacations and weddings to name a few. In all, let’s not forget the essence of the season which is to simply spread a little love wherever you find yourself this holiday season.

Happy Holidays!!!