13 Resolutions for 2013

2013 CaptionFinally, the new year has come upon us. A unique one at that; being the first year to have different numbers in it since 1987. What better way to welcome this uniqueness than by having new year resolutions to guide the pathway into the year a la “Oppa Boilermaker” style. So here are 13 resolutions that might just well ensure you have a unique, exciting and fulfilling experience on campus in 2013:

  1. If you haven’t already, try to stay fit by visiting the new Cordova Rec Sports Center and take a class, climb the wall or chat up a ‘hot bod’ while getting some exercise too. Now open at 5:30 am!
  2. Catch a game at the Mackey Arena or Ross-Ade stadium and watch the band perform what they know how to do best. You will also get a chance to see the ‘world’s largest drum’ pelt out some “Beats by Purdue”.
  3. See a Convocations show. PMOA host of musical and broadway shows are scheduled for this year. Whether you are an audiophile with a penchant for horn sections or you are an art lover with leanings towards Shakespeare or better yet just someone looking to unwind with some good music and drama; then check out the upcoming events lined up.
  4. (Steven Yang | Purdue University)Attend a resume workshop by CCO. For students looking to do internships or co-ops, get your resumes critiqued and reviewed by experienced faculty and consultants in order to improve your selection chances.
  5. Did you enjoy the last Purdue Christmas show? If you find yourself waiting on the next episode of The Voice, Glee or American Idol, your wait is over. Purdue Musical Organizations (PMO) have many choral ensembles that are guaranteed to satiate your appetite and provide you the musical entertainment you so much crave. Did you know you can actually book one of the many ensembles to perform at your event? Visit their website for more information.
  6. A wise man once said ” we only leave a legacy behind when we reach out and are involved within our community“. So how much do you know about Purdue’s rich history and culture. Get Involved by joining a Student Activity or Organization today and enrich your Purdue experience by learning leadership and volunteer to impact lives within your immediate community.
  7. Stay Healthy. One of your goals in this new year should be to eat healthy and keep your body and mind in top shape. To safeguard against sickness, visit PUSH to get necessary shots/vaccinations and counseling if needed.
  8. For international students, endeavor to partake of the numerous events and activities pt-5students-funorganized by ISS that will expose you more to the American culture. Events such as Winery visits, NBA/NCAA Basketball games, Greater Lafayette Volunteering and City treks are some highlights that will surely interest you.
  9. Go for an exchange/ study abroad program outside the US. The world has evolved into a global village and having a good hang of other cultural expectations with the requisite technical and business skills set cannot be over-emphasized in today’s world. Visit another country and expand your horizons. Check the Office of Programs for Study Abroad for more information.
  10. Build your network. As you advance in your education, you will need all the support possible beyond this ivory tower. Fortunately, the Purdue Alumni & Friends network spans across many countries providing you with necessary resources whether it be job prospecting or mentoring. Get connected and visit the Purdue Alumni office for more information.
  11. Don’t be isolated. You are actually closer to having your problem solved if you only ask for directions or help. Avail yourself of the numerous resources available on campus like the Libraries, Academic advising, Crisis support and Financial aids/grants to name a few.
  12. Make a bucket list of Purdue campus rituals and endeavor to achieve 70% by year end. For starters, go bobsledding on Slayter Hill, take a dip at the Engineering Fountain, dress up and attend a Breakfast club or drive down to Bloomington to cheer the Boilermakers at the next football game.IMG_1866
  13. And this countdown would be incomplete without remembering your main purpose at Purdue: to gain invaluable knowledge and a well-rounded collegiate experience that will culminate in your evolution into a person of skill and character ready to conquer and take the world by storm. Have a fulfilling 2013.

Hail Purdue and Boiler Up!!!