An Excellent Comment from Lt. Colonel Jerry Hubbard

LTC Jerry Hubbard

Lieutenant Colonel Jerry Hubbard, commanding officer of Purdue’s Army ROTC cadet cadre, made an excellent comment in response to Dr. Exum’s recent post on co-curricular learning.

Thank you for creating space for sharing ideas on learning outside the classroom. I’m interested in seeing the ideas of my peers, and joining forces with a few to influence learning away from the brick and mortar. Each semester the Army ROTC department seeks out a service learning project for the Cadets. We are not always successful, but we are interested in making a difference in the Lafayette communities.

- Lieutenant Colonel Jerry Hubbard

LTC Hubbard also provided a link to a blog post where he shares his thoughts about service learning.  It’s definitely worth checking out.  Thank you for the excellent comment, LTC Hubbard!