A Service Learning Opportunity

The following post from Dr. Margaret Sass, Assistant Director of Service Learning with the Center for Instructional Excellence, describes a new program offered through  that combines service learning with an exciting new learning technology, digital badges.

ACE Digital Badge


How do you reward students for being academic and engaged?  With the newest badge out, A.C.E. (Academic Community Engagement) Badge, students have the opportunity to earn an A.C.E. Badge for completing community service and Service-Learning hours.  Students are required to complete 15 community service hours and another 15 academic community engagement hours.  The academic community engagement hours performed must be related to an academic objective or course.  Student organizations can earn these badges if they complete community service hours related to leadership skills, team-building skills, and other professional skills.  Other individuals can earn hours through their classes who incorporate Service-Learning into the curriculum.  In addition to these hours, students upload reflective journals and a final reflection project that can be an essay, a poster, or a PowerPoint presentation.  Once students complete the badge, they can continue completing hours and become an A.C.E. Ambassador, promoting community engagement to Purdue students and staff.  For more information, see: Academic Community Engagement badge.

Another badge, the A.C.E. Junior Badge was developed for high school students.  The purpose of this badge it to introduce high school students to community service and Service-Learning.  Once they finish their 15 hours and reflection assignments, they will earn their badge and have the option to continue and become an A.C.E. Junior Ambassador.  Several of these students will attend Purdue and will hopefully earn an A.C.E. badge, continuing their community engagement activities.

For more information or to have brochures delivered to you, please contact Margaret Sass at sassm@purdue.edu or 765-494-4477.