PSG President Joe Rust Highlights Learning Beyond the Classroom

When getting a college a degree to prepare for the workforce, it’s important to focus on the academics. However with so many students in my grade I need to find a way to distinguish myself and the best way to do this is to get involved!

Fortunately enough Purdue offers nearly 1000 organizations to get involved with. The opportunities are endless! And once within those student organizations the resources that Purdue and the Office of the Dean of StudentsRust3 provides truly creates an experience that develops well rounded leaders. Over the past three years my involvement in co-curricular activities have developed my soft skills not only in leadership, but also communication, teamwork, time management, public speaking, work ethic, and much more! These are the skills that my future employer will be looking for. These are the skills that are going to make me competitive when looking for the right job.

It’s not just about getting a job. It’s also about having a great time while at Purdue and again, the best way to do that is to get involved! There are organizations that literally attract thousands of students because of the amount of fun and energy that goes along with their mission. The student leaders of these organizations put hours into events that encompass so much beyond the classroom that at first glance it may look like they are not contributing to success as a student. But when you go in depth, those student leaders are developing those skills that are crucial for them to plan, to organize, to communicate, and to lead in their future careers all while having fun along the way. For example, Purdue University Dance Marathon takes the collaboration of hundreds of students to organize a dance routine, multiple meals, a facility, supplies, back-up plans, and all for well over a thousand students. That is the kind of experience that will make you grow into something that employers will fight for.

First things first, though. You have to make the grades. Once you are attending all of your classes and you are making a higher than 3.0 GPA, then you can ask yourself; “How can I get more involved? How can I distinguish myself?”

- Joe Rust, Purdue Student Government President