Work out for a strong body and a stronger mind

Student climbs Bouldering Wall at Purdue Rec Sports Center
Garrett Quathamer, a junior in anthropology from Indianapolis, climbs the bouldering wall two to three times a week.

A new Purdue study links high utilization of the new Córdova Rec Sports Center with increased grade point averages.

16+ visits per month to Rec Sports Center results in 3.11 GPA or higherAccording to Tricia Zelaya, assistant director for student development and assessment at the Division of Recreational Sports, “students who worked out at Purdue’s gym at least once a week were more likely to earn a higher grade point average than students who visited less or not at all. Going to the gym is so much more than going to the gym. Students who are motivated by fitness and wellness tend to have better time management skills, and research shows that being fit is good for the mind. It all ties together.”

Check out a Zumba class, climb the wall, swim a few laps, or join a club sport for a strong body and even stronger mind.

Source: College students working out at campus gyms get better grades