Managing Learning Outcome Data

Learning Outcomes Assessment Management System

by Diane Beaudoin, Director of Assessment for the Office of the Provost

tracdatWhen successfully incorporated into our processes at the program, college, and institutional level, assessment can help us create a shared culture dedicated to assuring and improving student learning and success. The tool selected by Purdue for collecting and managing the evidence of our assessment efforts is TracDat.

TracDat by itself is not assessment; its sole purpose is to assist us in organizing and managing the process of assessment. Data that you enter into the TracDat database is reviewed by the Office of the Provost, which monitors student learning outcomes (SLOs) outcomes for the whole campus for internal and external reports to the university president, Board of Trustees, and regional accrediting agencies.

As part of our institutional accreditation, we must “demonstrate a commitment to educational achievement and improvement through ongoing assessment of student learning.  The institution has clearly stated goals for student learning and effective processes for assessment of student learning and achievement of learning goals.  The institution assesses achievement of the learning outcomes that it claims for its curricular and co-curricular programs.  The institution uses the information gained from assessment to improve student learning.”