Seeking Co-curricular Experiences

Do You Have a Co-Curricular Experience that Meets an Embedded Outcome?

by Diane Beaudoin, Director of Assessment for the Office of the Provost

DSC_2341This fall launched Purdue’s Outcomes-Based Core Curriculum – a set of targeted learning outcomes designed to equip graduates with the skills needed for success in the 21st century global marketplace.  The outcomes are separated into two categories – foundational and embedded.  The foundational outcomes are met through a set of approved foundational courses that are portable across all majors and disciplines.  The embedded outcomes are met within each major and define the learning expectations of particular disciplines.  Embedded outcomes can be met through courses or experiences. Embedded outcomes include:  creative thinking, critical thinking, ethical reasoning, global citizenship and social awareness, intercultural knowledge, leadership and teamwork, quantitative reasoning, integrative knowledge, written communication, oral communication, and information literacy.  The Co-Curricular Council is seeking nominations of activities that meet the embedded outcomes.  The activities must be of sufficient rigor to meet academic requirements and must include a plan for assessing the degree to which students achieve the learning outcome.  The nomination form can be found at  If you are considering nominating an activity, but are unsure about the assessment piece, join a mini assessment academy being offered by Diane Beaudoin in the Office of the Provost (