I lived: Tribute to Purdue Class of 2013

If you’ve got some time left…my advice? Create a flashmob, find the secret tower in the Union, video a friend do the Gangnam style on the Purdue Football field, go the the Lafayette Urban Ministry and help kids do their homework after school, take off one night & go to a concert in Indy, road farm (ask someone) and lay under stoplights like the Notebook, have a paint war in a huge field, make your friends run barefoot in the rain through alleys across the bridge for a video shoot, go to the Alphi Phi Alpha step competition, sleep in your car for fun, run for a leadership position, create a music video at your Old Master advisor’s farm… then kindly ask her to be in it too. Tell your teacher after class that you’re not in his/her class to get an A, but to actually learn. Make a list of names of people you’d go on a date with, then draw those names out of a hat with your friend, and ask the one you picked out to dinner. Raise your hand the first day of class and say you go by a different name. Study what you love, make best friends your final semester, work hard and jet out of campus to see the world when you can. What’s listed above are some of my greatest memories, but there’s so many things I never got to. It’s safe to say, I miss it, but I know there’s students that will join the clubs I never got to, research and discover science that will change the world, feed America, become astronauts and ballerinas, and make memories with the friends I never met. Here’s to you Purdue. Boiler Up. Always.

Lexi Hiland, former Vice-President of the Purdue Student Government, shared this beautiful and evocative video of her memories of Purdue. What do you plan to do with your time in Purdue? :)