Purdue Student Life Made Easy: 5 Things They Don’t Tell You

1. Year Long Supply of Free Stuff

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Despite what every adult tells us that ‘health is wealth,’ we as college students know that there are other things we might rather spend our money on. Allow me to let you in on a little secret – there are several call outs, professional and social events where you can grab a slice of pizza or a pop for free! Socializing with fellow boilermakers or finding a club or organization of your interest are added perks that one wouldn’t mind.

So watch out for the chalk signs on sidewalks and flyers posted across campus or on PurdueBoard, and you’re already saving money!

2. City Bus to the Rescue

Picture this: first week of classes and you’re running from corner of the campus to another within a span of 10 minutes. You’re out of breath, sweaty, and are barely making it to class on time! You look around to see others walking at their own pace, yet making it from Armstrong to Lilly comfortably. What does one do in such a situation? You raise your arm!City Bus Purdue Yes, it’s actually that simple. Students can use the DoubleMap CityBus App on their smartphones to track the next bus arriving at the closest bus stop to them. You can hop on to one for free by just flashing your PUID to make it to your next class or even head back home before the dining courts close. Buses not only loop around campus, but also take students to Walmart and Lafayette on the weekends to keep their refrigerators and snack closets loaded. Did we mention it’s FREE?

Download the app and choose “CityBus of Lafayette” as the agency

DoubleMap for iPhone/iOS on App Store

DoubleMap for Android on Google Play

You can also view DoubleMap for CityBus on the web

3. Fun Classes EXIST


That would be my reaction too, if someone were to tell me that taking a class could actually be cool. However, truth be told you could be swimming, playing golf, tennis or bowling for academic credit taught by professors passionate about these sports. Who knows, you might even end up unraveling several hidden talents while taking these classes.

Wine tasting anyone? Although you must be 21 years old or older to take this class, it tends to encompass multiple disciplines – the study of wine (including the history, cultural background and production of certain wines), it’s impact on the business world, consumption liability, as well as the science associated with its production (including chemistry, engineering and microbiology).

Don’t use the gym? If you appreciate dancing and/or music, you could dance to mixed tunes for academic credit. And if you’re the couch potato movie buff, or a camera person, there’s something for you too! Discuss your passions or hobbies with your academic advisor and you might come across more people that share your interests.

4. Perks of Purdue’s Diversity

diversity purdueMy roommate during freshman year was from China who gave me a scarf and some tea the day she moved in. I found out that it is Chinese tradition to offer presents to people they spend time with. To this day, I learn something new everyday! Who knows, the next time you’re studying abroad or just traveling, you might end up at your Purdue alumni’s crash pad abroad.

The Institute of International Education recently declared Purdue to have the second-largest international student population among U.S. public universities and fourth overall, which gives Purdue a diverse cultural mix. It gives you the best opportunity to network and socialize with people coming from varied cultural and ethnic backgrounds.  Apart from appreciating other cultures, you also tend to become more welcoming and outgoing as a person since your comfort level shoots up merely by studying at such a diverse university.

5. Not your Ordinary Recreational Sports Center

co-rec wall

Purdue’s Recreational Sports Center entails a lot more than just different machines to work those muscles. If you are passionate about cooking, health and nutrition, The Demonstration Kitchen demonstrates easy and delicious recipes while trying to accommodate varying interests. Unless you’re afraid of drowning like I am, you should be spending your time at the pool this summer because whether it’s swimming or playing water polo, volleyball, basketball or just chilling in the pool with your friends, we have it all.

The Co-Rec, as it’s known, also offers a vortex, spa, three 25 yard lap lanes, bubble bench, waterfall, climbing essentials, running tracks, five variants of gymnasium, Zumba and other classes, and much much more! So if you want to learn or play hockey, badminton, tennis, squash and martial arts; then the co-rec is the place for you to be! There’s a little something for everyone!

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UPDATE: Here are five more tips to make Purdue Student Life easy.

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